Hunting Party Podcast, Episode 35

Hi folks! This week, Darkbrew and Euripides discuss PvP with Loinclothz, PvP hunter extraordinaire! Here is a link to a video of his on Skill-Capped

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  1. Very interesting interview and I look forward to Loinclothz’s return to the podcast.

    I’d especially like to hear the answer to the question about which abilities he feels are essential keybinds and which are the priority defensive cooldowns. It kind of got lost in the whole discussion about keybindings and keyboard turning and one I feel most hunters transitioning from PvE to PvP could use advise on.

    By that I mean PvP hunters quickly have to find keyboard space for Disengage, Deterrence, Master’s Call, Intervene, Roar of Sacrifice, Pet ability (Pin, Web) as well as the PvP Trinket(s) and Viper Sting and Scorpid Sting if MM. It’s a lot and I’d sure be interested in his thoughts on which ones to start binding right off the bat and which ones to start adding as those become comfortable and learned.