Hunting Party Podcast, Episode 75

Poor Darkbrew was left completely bereft of co-hosts this time, however we invited Kinaesthesia, a raider from Vodka, to drop by the show and answer some questions.

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One comment

  1. The comment about hunters being apart from the rest of the raid made me chuckle a bit, because I often find myself apart from the crowd naturally and I wonder why it is, but I think I’ve got it. In fact if I’m in a raid and people are moving around and a fellow raid member gets close to me, I find myself thinking “what’s he doing standing by me?” and subconsciously move a few meters away.

    We hunters just cherish our personal pew-pew space.

    In any other situation if another player or an enemy NPC is close to us, something has gone wrong. In PvE if a mob is up in our grill, something has gone wrong. in PvP if a warrior or rogue is nearby we want to get away FAST. We’re used to sending in our pet to tank and then blasting away from afar, with nothing near by – so I think a lot of it comes from that. And probably the longer you’ve played as a hunter, the more weird you feel about being clustered up in a raid.

    Me personally, when our raid healers tell us to group up, or when we collapse on Valiona during blackout, I feel awkward and claustrophobic. It’s a funny and interesting thing that having that sort of play style can effect you psychologically like that.