Hunting Party Podcast, Episode 80

This week, have BigRedKitty back on to discuss his return to the live servers.

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One comment

  1. Ok, so I listened to the #80 podcast with BRK and his energy pumped me up for the BM spec. I’ve been around since the BC days when Blizz took the big nerf bat to BM hunters and made it so everyone ran away from that spec. And I raided thru Lich King and remember laughing at the dedicated few who tried to pump out the DPS in BM, not very successfully though.
    But when BRK says it’s a fun spec, I listened. And I have to tell ya, I haven’t had this much fun learning a spec in a long time. I never ran BM coming up and it wasn’t till I was 80 that I started to stray from the standard MM spec into the other 2 tree’s. I picked up Frostheim’s Extreme Soloing spec and had ton’s of fun rep grinding in BC dungeons and eventually with enough courage I ventured into the WotLK dungeons to many hours of successful challenges.
    So I have some experience with the BM spec and took up the challenge after hearing BRK talk about it. And all I can say is wow. Blizz took a spec that was essentially dead and gave it the jolt it needed to attract a new generation of BM hunters that will cry along with the rest of you when the next nerf bat comes cruising around.
    By the way, tell BRK that within 2 days of picking up this spec I’ve acquired Arcturis, Skoll, Ghostcrawler and Terrorpene. So thanks for that.