Hunting Party Podcast, Episode 112

This week, we talk about class balance!

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  1. Re: Hunting Party #12


    Your comments regarding freshly hit 85s being able to kill Deathwing was complete hyperbole. First of all, there is a gear restriction to even use LFR. Freshly hit 85s will have gear levels at the 320-330sh level if all they did was grind quests to level up. I won’t bother to include pre-heroic dungeons since RNG is RNG and majority of these “casual” players do not have time to “grind” dungeons for blue loot.

    So, in the end, it will take newly leveled 85s so many days, if not weeks, to get the appropriate level gear to even participate in random Hour of the Twilight heroics. You can argue that they can get the VP gear to aid in that. Fair enough. However, at 1,000 VP a week, that’s not going to happen for at least a few weeks for these people.

    In the end, it will be weeks before any player relying on LF to gear up to participate in LFR (Dragon Soul) especially if they only have a couple of hours a day to devote themselves to that task. If they want to do dailies, this will give them less time to spend in LF. If they’re DPS, the queue times can be long, depending on time of day. Best case scenario, someone will see Dragon Soul within a month after hitting 85. Worst case scenario? Could be a couple of months, maybe even 3 months, before they do.

    You’re arguing from the perspective of an alt character being able to go into Dragon Soul within a couple of weeks of hitting 85, with the support of a guild/dedicated friends carrying said individual. If that’s the case, then this whole issue is moot, wouldn’t you agree?

    Note: LFR is also a whole ‘nother issue. It’s fine now that progression raiders are using LFR to augment their gear finding in addition to their guild lead Normal/Heroic raiding. These progression raiders are simply carrying LFR. Once they’ve got what they need and no longer benefit from LFR, what will be left are casual raiders and non-progression raiders. Simply put, they are not fit and not capable of putting two words into a sentence. I’ve been in one recently where we wiped over and over due to many of these players not knowing what to do and not knowing how to handle fight mechanics. No healer grabbing the buff on Ultraxion. DPS simply not switching fast enough on tentacles. These are the things that separate the casual/non-progression from the “top 5% or 10%” of raiders. You’d be surprised to know, even a month after this episode aired, that there are a LOT of LFR groups still struggling to “kill Deathwing”.

  2. Re: Hunting Party #112


    Okay, enough of the hyperboles, which that 20+ minute segment was just so full of. Could you refrain from these types of comments in your podcast and stick to facts?

    First of all, LFR do not gain any achievements other than a completion. That completion is necessary to link to a Raid Leader when you want to participate in open loot guild hosted normal mode or pug normal mode on your server. This shows that yes, you are somewhat familiar with the content, so there shouldn’t be senseless deaths or mistakes.

    The achievements for normal and hard mode completion of the raid is a title. LFR do not have this. That’s the distinction, which is the important one, because you were complaining about a lack of achievement for doing the normal/heroic modes. That isn’t the only achievement, but afaik, for most players I know, it’s an pretty important one.

    If there any vanity pets or mounts, I’m certain that LFR won’t drop them. Again, more incentives to protect your “precious” normal/hard mode achievements.

    Frosthelm was completely right throughout that discussion. Every single point – EVERY SINGLE POINT – was what Blizzard, Ghostcrawler and their Community Managers have tried to make. I’ve only seen those 5% raiders complain and bemoan the “deathnell” of World of Warcraft. For the rest of the 10,000,000+ players, it’s a great thing.

    Your disparaging comments and your penchant for hyperbole turns me off and I’m pretty sure many of your “casual” audience feels the same way, too.