Hunting Party Podcast 145: MoP pre-show

It’s the last show before the Mists of Pandaria launch!

We’ve started uploading our videos on our youtube channel. Here’s the site where we host our shows live.

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You can now stream our show onto any mobile device through, for those of us who prefer something like Android to the iPhone. As always, here is the iTunes store linkthe Hunting Party Podcast feed, and the direct XML feed. If you email us comments or questions, we’ll read them on the next show. Send an email to Also, we love iTunes reviews. So please drop by iTunes and mention what you thought of the show.

If you don’t do syndicated podcasts, and just want to download this week’s MP3 and play it on your player of choice, click here.

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One comment

  1. Another great podcast!

    There were a couple of things that seemed a tad out of date:

    “get the physical copy and install” – you already have a much more current version of WoW installed on your system than was on the DvD that was created weeks ago.

    you asked for people on Icecrown server to help you. While panaderia zones will not force cross realm groups, but Blizzard said you can play with friends. So someone on icecrown can group with someone off-realm and the expat will be playing on Icecrown. Similarly, you could choose to play on another realm, say a less crowded realm.