Hunting Party Podcast 148: BRK!

This week, we’re happy to welcome back Big Red Kitty! This was recorded on Oct 13, 2012, and there won’t be a show today on the 20th, but we’ll be back week.

We’ve started uploading our videos on our youtube channel. Here’s the site where we host our shows live.

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If you don’t do syndicated podcasts, and just want to download this week’s MP3 and play it on your player of choice, click here.

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  1. New listener and loving the podcast, guys! Also, so glad to hear BRK’s voice on a podcast again! I was a faithful listener to his solo podcast years ago and am stoked he’s back to the game and enjoying huntering.

    I wished him well when he left the game and wish him well in life and love now that he’s returned. Cheers to many more episodes.