Hunting Party Podcast 157: Aimed Shot and New Spirit Beasts

This week, we talk about the changes to Aimed Shot and the new Spirit Beasts

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One comment

  1. Hello! This isn’t exactly related to hunter fare, but to the part of the show where you discussed whether or not to have an uncensored show (on language). I think speaking as you normally would, would be a plus. It allows for more free-form discourse and will only add to the personality of the show.

    Now as far as whether or not parents or “authoritative” entities may find this offensive or not, you guys do get sloshed on the shows… there is drinking. To be worried that you may offend someone by a few “bad” words and then publicly speak about being drunk seems like a disconnect (as far as who your audience may be and what their impressionistic ages may be).

    Don’t get me wrong, I personally have no problem with any of the content of your show – in fact, the more it feels like it’s you being you, and not playing to the air, the better it gets. I’m a single adult, and have never understood the idea of words being bad (only in their use and intent). So I say, go for it. Take the explicit content label from bloody iTunes if you have to. As Frosthiem said, who cares? Be yourselves (and that also means that if you would rather not talk using such language, it’s fine and good too!). Be your colorful selves. Be your REAL selves (especially as long as the FCC/Feds aren’t regulating podcasts – what a terrible thing that would be). Be free. The onus of responsibility has to be shared with your listeners. We are all responsible for what we listen to, just as much as the broadcaster; and we can all choose. I don’t think it would hurt the show at all. Cheers!