Hunting Party Podcast 160: Class Representation

Sorry about the delay for posting this, Euri has had a hard week. This week, Frost, Darkbrew, and Arth talk about the LFR stacking buff and the Warcraft movie announcement.

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One comment

  1. Talk about sour grapes lol!

    I think the current implementation of having a zillion buttons be only slightly better IF you can play the piano while you raid works out great. When the talent tree presents a choice between a button to press and a passive I always pick the passive if its at all applicable.

    I used to play an enhance shammy back in WotLK and have sworn to never again need to be a concert pianist just to play a class. This is the way of the future folks, Making gameplay simple so the player can pay attention to the boss/encounter instead of barely noticing anything beyond their UI/HUDs/Addons is the way of modern game design. I’m just happy to see WoW has finally started to streamline a lot of former buttons into talents and hope it continues.

    Don;t forget,you are more or less in the hunter Ivory Towers as you complain. I used to be like that but after taking a WoW break and coming back I find this new direction to be JUST what WoW is needing!

    PS: Thrill of the Hunt beats Dire Beast for fun any day.