200: the Final Episode!

Like all good things, the Hunting Party Podcast is coming to an end. After five years of hunter podcasting, the Hunting Party Podcast will air the final episode, ep 200, live on Saturday, January 18th, at 2pm eastern time (1pm central, 12pm mountain, 11am pacific). Listen to our audio trailer below.

Join us for the simultaneous in-game event with the WHU guild: we’ll start gathering in-game an hour before the podcast. We’re on Icecrown server — guild details here. We’re meeting in Kharano, so if you aren’t already in the WHU you can make a dwarven hunter and get there easily. If we end up getting enough high level hunters, we may go raid something — we’ll let the drunken revelry of the podcast guide us.

You can check out our past shows on our YouTube channel.

If you need help registering your nickname, follow the directions at http://wiki.rizon.net/index.php?title=Nick_Registration. You can also login to our live chatroom using any IRC client of your choice. We’re in #hpp on irc.rizon.net. Hunting Party Podcast iTunes Page


  1. Nice new layout … And a great show, but if I just want to download it to my phone, how do I do that? Cannot find a link to archived shows. Is everything on YouTube now exclusively?
    Thanks again for all your work.

  2. I think the layout broke all the previous posts. I just updated the theme and it seems to have fixed it. Previous shows should be below this stickied post.

  3. The RSS feed only updates when we release the iTunes-ready edited audio. Its perfectly alive and kicking, its just that we haven’t released an edited show in a while now. This is why we keep the raw available on youtube.com – in the past you would’ve had to wait for the edited version if you missed the live show.